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Ready to build a successful life and business that honors your mental health?

I'll show you how...
God's way.


I'm a marketing consultant and mentor dedicated to helping online entrepreneurs drop the burnout by reaching God-empowered mental and financial freedom in their life and business.

My goal is to equip you to internally and externally succeed in your business's mission through implementing healthy, fun, and authentic money, marketing, time, and mindset habits that bring the joy and peace BACK into your everyday life.

Through my ongoing helpful content, I've helped over 100,000 people master their authentic marketing skills, brand development, mental health, and spiritual well being. I'm so excited to show you have to do the same!

A Christian Life and Business Coach for Creatives.

I'm Angel Marie.

Hey friend!

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Get 1-on-1 coaching in the form of 8 or 16 weeks to help you get the MOST personalized help for your life and business. You'll be guided each week by me...your personal mentor and accountability partner.


1-on-1 mentorship

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Join our next 12-week group mastermind built for creatives who feel called to leave their 9-5 and run an online business full-time. You'll get step-by-step coaching on positioning your business to reach 6 figures and positively expand your reach while you're at it.


Group Mastermind

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Join the Burnout-Free Biz Hub:
an exclusive entrepreneur community of prayer calls, God-empowered marketing trainings, burnout-free business-building courses, and mental support for your business ambitions.


The Hub

Get God-empowered life and business coaching that suits your needs.

You were never meant to do this alone.

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As a natural-born creative, you can succeed in your entreprenuerial ambitions and overall life by learning to WALK confidently in God's calling for you, implement burnout-free marketing strategies that remain TRUE to the person God called you to be, and develop healthy mindset habits along the way. 

The result? 

One hec of a thriving business.
One hec of a beautiful life.

But it does NOT have to remain that way for you.

Money and mindset can be the two biggest struggles.

Believe me, I get it.

Pelagia Komni

"...It's the first time I've seen this type of support in coaching! The results I had from working with her were obvious in my social media presence, messaging, & goals set up. Angel is a brilliant coach and human being.”

"Angel is the person who stands next to you and helps you with every aspect of your business"

Keith Kristich

Tayla Chenelle

"...and what I'm truly here for. I now have systems in place that I've stuck to for almost 2 months and I've since seen so much growth!”

"...On top of that, she helped me not to lost track of daily tasks, held me accountable, and guided me towards my long term vision. I Loved working with Angel!"

"I started working with Angel in a season where I was seeking clarity, strategy, & big picture planning. Angel was so helpful!"

"Since working with Angel, I've been so much more confident in my business!"

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