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You're a new entrepreneur looking for step-by-step guidance to scale your online business and mindset.

You're a content creator or influencer seeking to turn your content creation into  a full-on operating online business.

You're a dreamer looking for accountability, clarity, and general life coaching along your unique path.

This is for you if...
You're a seasoned entrepreneur looking to fine-tune your current marketing strategies or programs.

You're a company that serves the creator or entrepreneur industry and are looking for professional assistance in managing your marketing channels.

You're a consultant looking for advanced help in elevating the results for your current client base.

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Be a part of an exclusive creator community of prayer calls, God-empowered marketing trainings, business-building courses, and mental/emotional support for your business and overall life.

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downloadable templates

mental health resources

Pricing varies

Mitigation implementation

Client acquistion strategy 

Instagram + TikTok content mastery

Email marketing mastery

Brand message defining

entrepreneurial mindset development

You'll learn...

Join our next 12-week group intensive built for creative entrepreneurs  who feel called to leave their 9-5 and run an online business full-time. You'll get step-by-step coaching on positioning your business to reach 6 figures, the GOD way, and learn how to prevent burnout while you're at it.

Join the next 12-week mastermind

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consistent feedback loops

Guided action steps

Weekly accountability check-ins

8 or 12 Q&A's within coaching calls

8 or 12 bi-weekly coaching calls

You'll get...

Get 1-on-1 coaching in the form of 8 or 16 weeks to help you get the MOST personalized help for your life and business. You'll be guided each week by me...your personal mentor and accountability partner. Book your FREE consultation below!

1-on-1 mentorship

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Pricing varies

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Pelagia Komni

"...It's the first time I've seen this type of support in coaching! The results I had from working with her were obvious in my social media presence, messaging, & goals set up. Angel is a brilliant coach and human being.”

"Angel is the person who stands next to you and helps you with every aspect of your business"

Keith Kristich

Tayla Chenelle

"...and what I'm truly here for. I now have systems in place that I've stuck to for almost 2 months and I've since seen so much growth!”

"...On top of that, she helped me not to lost track of daily tasks, held me accountable, and guided me towards my long term vision. I Loved working with Angel!"

"I started working with Angel in a season where I was seeking clarity, strategy, & big picture planning. Angel was so helpful!"

"Since working with Angel, I've been so much more confident in my business!"

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