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A 27-year old woman on a mission to empower you to reach God-empowered mental and financial freedom one step at a time through healthy faith, money, and mindset-building habits.

I'm a life and business coach for creators and entrepreneurs, podcast host, real estate investor, and dog mama of 2 lovely pups. 

Hey friend,
I'm Angel Marie

With not only a Bachelor's Degree in Media Entrepreneurship, but also career experiences with top Creator companies such as ConvertKit, Circle, ShowIt, and Smart Business Mastermind, I've taken all that I've learned and poured it into the mission of empowering aspiring entrepreneurs like you to achieve TRUE internal and external success...God's way. 

Sure...I'll teach how to build a 6-figure online business. 

But most importantly?

I'll teach how to do it WITHOUT jeopardizing your mental health, faith, and overall well being. 

I'm in love with helping creatives build burnout-free businesses that amplify God's unique calling over their life.

I was (like most) consumed with the everyday anxieties, comparisons, identity issues, imposter syndrome, and toxic thoughts that took complete control of my confidence. And that, my friend...is no way to live. 

I always thought that if I could just REACH a certain destination, everything would finally be okay.  Little did I know that I already had everything I needed to start changing my internal and external reality NOW. 

So what did I do? I put in the work. 

With extensive inner healing, growing in knowledge, maintaining a changed perspective, and leaning deeper into my Christian faith, I became more aware of my God-given worth so that I can start tearing down my strongholds and live in in the financial and mental freedom that was available to me. 

Before I knew it, I was there. I am there. standing in my purpose with confidence. 

And you have every ability to do that exact same thing. 

"It's time to gain the confidence to walk in the creative calling God has for your life. You just
have to take that one step."

Doin' business the God way.
Doin' business the mental health way.

The Result? 

Pure freedom, my friend.

Any kids?

Yup. 2 fur babies.
Yoda and Nova!

Favorite Devotional?

"Jesus Calling"
by Sarah Young.

Love language?

Chipotle burritos...Seriously!

Side Hobbies?

Volleyball and singing...all day!

Childhood Nickname?

Yup. It was a thing.

Favorite TV Shows?

The Chosen, Gilmore Girls, This Is US, The Office, Fresh Prince

6 Random Facts

Just for Fun

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